Achieve more goals

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Reach success more quickly with visual goal trackers and checklists featuring smart tasks. Streamline your workflow effortlessly with our game-changing interface.

Scale Your impact

Adapt instantly to change thanks to our flexible and dynamic platform. Track and change your data structure on the fly. Be nimble and clear a path for immediate growth.

Boost collaboration

Your most important assets are your people. Reduce noise, snuff-out stress, and free up mind energy for creative problem solving. Get ready for a supercharged and inspired team.



College Readiness

A visual student database tailored specifically for tracking applications and enrollment tasks.

College counselors use FMYI and the Enroll template to:

  • Set weekly and monthly goals for students

  • Easily identify students who need follow-up

  • Save time, especially when managing large caseloads


Project Portfolio

A highly configurable, and scalable all-in-one database for tracking operations.

Project portfolio managers use FMYI to:

  • Import existing project portfolio taxonomy

  • Track ongoing project process milestone progress

  • Generate on-the-fly customized reports


Program Management

Run and report on your daily nonprofit and social service operations in one intuitive and flexible place.

Program managers and other nonprofit and agency staff use FMYI to:

  • Store demographic information

  • Track case management processes and data

  • Automatically generate reports for management and funders



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