Achieve more goals

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Reach success more quickly with visual goal trackers and checklists featuring smart tasks. Streamline your workflow effortlessly with our game-changing interface.

Scale Your impact

Adapt instantly to change thanks to our flexible and dynamic platform. Track and change your data structure on the fly. Be nimble and clear a path for immediate growth.

Boost collaboration

Your most important assets are your people. Reduce noise, snuff-out stress, and free up mind energy for creative problem solving. Get ready for a supercharged and inspired team.



College Readiness

A visual student database tailored specifically for tracking applications and enrollment tasks.

College counselors use FMYI and the EnrollNYC template to:

  • Set weekly and monthly goals for students

  • Easily identify students who need follow-up

  • Save time, especially when managing large caseloads


Product Process

A highly configurable, and scalable all-in-one database for product companies.

Product development and manufacturing companies use FMYI to:

  • Manage product, material, and information flow

  • Track processes for all phases - innovation, design, production and more.

  • Generate on-the-fly customized reports


Operations Management

Run and monitor your daily operations in one intuitive and flexible place.

Operations managers across all sectors and many industries use FMYI to:

  • Track progress with project and client/stakeholder/CRM processes

  • Gather and generate reports for management

  • Collaborate and share key resources as a visual intranet



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