Learn what makes FMYI a valuable tool for your company.

What our clients are saying

 “We use FMYI as a sort of internal newsletter (to update people on events, press releases, conferences, etc), and it has greatly improved our internal communications to our offices in all corners of the globe. It allows everyone to give input too. Once an email is sent, it’s gone. With FMYI, you can easily see the trail of commentary to an original post. It is excellent to watch the development of an idea, following the train of thought, or look back to where everything went wrong!
We also use it as a central depot for various corporate documents that need to be referred to often and by several team members. Given our non-central distribution of staff, we find this much more useful than accessing our server via a cumbersome VPN-client. The ‘cloud’ access is invaluable.
– Robin Miller, Manager, Marketing & Communications for GlobeScan

“With FMYI, Focus the Nation (FTN) staff shares curriculum with students in our leadership development program and follows progress as students implement clean energy solutions in their communities. FMYI allows us to connect with students across the country using a highly effective yet edgy, fun and interactive platform. Tracking and coordinating projects throughout the country has gone from scrolls of email messages and attachments to a single, organized experience. With traditional email this collaboration effectiveness was a rarity at Focus the Nation due to the logistical obstacles; with FMYI, cross-country collaboration is now an integral and required part of our programming.“
– Anne Bertucio, Business & Community Relations Coordinator for Focus the Nation

United Kingdom National Health ServiceThe UK National Health Service (NHS), an FMYI client, has doctors that need to be able to both manage and provide care to patients. Various Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have chosen FMYI to centrally store information, so that it can be discussed and retrieved by the right people at the right time.

“FMYI has definitely made the way we work smarter,” said Adrian Down, executive board member of the Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group of the UK’s NHS. “By the time we get to a meeting, a discussion has already taken place so we are ready to make decisions. It makes meetings far slicker and quicker. During the research phase we also checked out Yammer and other collaboration options, but they just weren’t as flexible or productive. FMYI has more room for us to grow.”

“It keeps me up-to-date on what everyone is doing. It has created this incredible idea generation so we can collaborate without people needing to get together or have a meeting. I sometimes wonder what we would do without FMYI. I have developed a comfort level of outsourcing this fundamentally important aspect of our business.“
– Jim Allyn, CEO of LitLife

“From implementing Multnomah County sustainability policies within departments, to building an Environmental Caucus, FMYI helps our team to get organized and me, the organizer, stay focused. FMYI’s customer service is speedy and friendly. Whenever I have a question about how to manage my pages more effectively, they respond to my email within 24 hours. Also, there’s much lessneed for printing documents and for traveling to meetings.“
– Molly Chidsey, former Program Development Specialist, Multnomah County Sustainability Program (now Sustainability Coordinator with Metro)

“The cool thing is that you can access it from anywhere. Whereas, if you are using a network – you usually have to be on a network computer to access the files. This is really helpful when I am working from home. I know I will have all the documents I need because it is stored on the net.“
– Tanya Barham, Recess Wellness

“Very user friendly interface, fast learning curve.“
–Heidi Rahn, Recycle at Work

“In the non-profit environment, FMYI is fantastic for facilitating work with a board of directors or trustees – It’s also a fantastic resource for upstarts or organizations that are in the process of building their capacity. As a recent graduate of the Community Development program at PSU I would also recommend FMYI to student project teams as they tend to do a great deal of collaborative community projects.“
– Anonymous, via FMYI customer survey