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Find what's important (powerful search tools)

Keep everything instantly searchable (including the text of Word documents and PDFs) at the fingertips of your team members. Privacy settings ensure you decide who does and does not see your content. So a list of employee procedures are seen by the whole company (except a few contractors), while one project workspace is visible to an individual contractor and the internal team. If you are using the site to track projects or anything else, you have the option to feature a high-level dynamic dashboard of progress. You can also create a one-stop-shop with direct links to internal and external resources.

Internal communication (send alerts)

FMYI ensures your team is up-to-date with a perfect amount of email (it's "access without excess" so people find what they need without inbox clutter). Without technical knowledge, anyone allowed can share, alerting select people:

  • Messages with a subject and note (like an email) that remain findable
  • Files of all types with streaming video and a description (so unlike a shared drive, people know exactly what's in the file)
  • Events and appointments that push to both your personal calendar and an FMYI calendar (you can even subscribe to it on your iPhone or iPad)
  • Tasks with priority ensure accountability and include email reminders
  • Forms to capture and organize specific repeatable data with reports

Adjust the status (search labels)

The status of each project workspace is easy to adjust and the system documents who changed what and when. On the homepage, a high level dashboard shows how many projects are in each status or have specifc tags. Click the link to see a list. Note: users only can only see what they can access.

Site Analytics to support system adoption

FMYI's usage report shows who is logging in and adding content. These stats show adoption, however to improve them allign your site with core responsibilities for each user. For example, FMYI is the only way to post a project issue/update or find critical documents.

Advanced search creates a powerful database

Your files, notes, tasks and more are all grouped together in relevant workspaces (ie. projects, contacts), and these workspaces at a high level are very organized. Using the FMYI Advanced search, you are able to search as in a large database, and find projects that have been untouched or contacts in a certain city. Then you can generate an Excel report of results, make batch updates to give access or update tags, or browse the workspace one at at time, by clicking a previous or next button. This ensures your opportunities don't slip through the cracks and making bulk updates as efficiently as possible.

Social signin (remember less passwords)

In addition to an FMYI login, the Social sign in option connects user access to another login. Don't worry, the system does not post your content to a social network, only to makes it easier for each user to log in.

Importing a spreadsheet (save time typing)

Adding to your FMYI site can be done manually, or for large amounts of data, via an import. Using the tools in FMYI you can import any spreadsheet or .csv file. Each row becomes its own project workspace. Each column is a data field that can be used many ways: a text custom field, a search label tag, to give access and more.

Feel secure and supported

Industry leaders from manufactuing and insurance to energy and media count on FMYI's commitment to security. We have 11 years of experience and are home to 2.5 million workspaces. Ongoing site administrator and user customer support is included for free. Search or online support community or create a support ticket at help.fmyi.com or call us at 888.369.4266 x1 or email us at support@fmyi.com and we'll be happy to help!

List of standard features included in all levels:

Feature Explanation
Users 12, 24 or 50 user with various levels of access (Admin, General User, Guest or Restricted)
File storage 12, 24 or 50 GB - Attach any type of file including images and streaming videos (.M4V & .MOV)
No Ads Ad free experience so your team is not distracted
Feature content Select workspaces or specific links/files can be featured on the homepage
Page Categories Organize workspaces by category (ie. Project, Contacts) and subcategories (ie. Industy)
Search labels Tag pages with Search labels (optionally feature to easily adjust status)
Importing Any Excel or CSV file can create a page per row and fields for columns
Rich Notifications Email alerts contain context of comments (ie. "I agree" is followed by the last and original message)
Social Sign in Allows users to sign in with four selected Social Signin Parnters including Google
Site report with fields Generate an Excel sheet of your workspaces and search labels
Inbound email Users reply by email and system posts the reply
Digest Option to get emails at one time (instantly, once per day or once per week)
Form Ability to collect repeat data on a page (ie. weekly update)
Form site report Ability to pull form data from across the site
Activity report An excel report of all content posted to pages
Advanced Search Search by metadata and tags and make batch changes. Turns  workspaces into a database
Membership search In Advanced search, look up pages by who is a member (ie. Owner, Read+write)
Comment only Select users post files/messages (ie. policies) and others can simply comment but not post files/messages
Page Featuring At the top of a page, organize posts to assign an order (ie, an ordered list of files)