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Think of all the time you spend getting updates from your teams. Emails, phone calls, and meetings just for folks to get up to speed. Save a ton of time by using FMYI to gather updates for you automatically. It could be a message. A file they share. Or even better, an easy form they fill out capturing the highlights you depend upon to achieve success in your workplace.


Bring consistency and accountability with automated task reminders for your teams. They get email alerts with a link that goes directly to the information they need to fill out for their update. It's that simple for them, and even simpler for you. Just sit back and watch the updates roll in. They could be high level across all their work, for specific projects, or contacts they're working with each day, week, month, or quarter.


Besides update reminders, wouldn't it be great if you had a centralized place to store everything related to your team's work? Now you can have your cake and eat it too. People can have discussions, share files, calendar events, create databases, generate reports, view dashboards, and more while they're having fun posting updates. Life is sweet.