Accelerate Your Project Portfolio

Achieve a faster fast. We’ve developed an interactive and highly visual project portfolio management and process acceleration platform that is 100% designed for the people it serves across all the devices they use, from operations directors to front line project managers.


Dashboard trackers

Track your product process from start to finish. Get agile and lean with your workflow. Hit your goals with templates and reduce the time it takes to complete projects. The game changing intuitive drag and drop and inline editing interface is unlike anything out there. It saves things immediately with fewer clicks in your life. Track a project's milestones with FMYI, across each stage of the process, and have more time to invest in innovation, creativity, and family. 

Powerful quickview

Each project has a slick pop up quickview window that brings everything you need to know in one place:

  • Task checklist boards show each step of your process that is driven by a configurable template.
  • Ongoing notes and related project portfolio fields through easy to create form templates.
  • Project brief tags for searching by categories and related details with database fields.


Custom reporting

Customers like Metro rely upon the FMYI visual database system for tracking and reporting. Create reports that matter to you and your leadership teams. Get a faster fast on FMYI:

  • Flexible dashboards to track progress and focus on what's most important.
  • Configure default report buttons in your site for quick real time reports.
  • Reporting via spreadsheet import/export and summary sheet templates.
  • Option for custom reporting including whiteboards and project planning views.