track your community services and Thrive

FMYI is case management, program management, and data evaluation reporting all in one visual place that's easy to configure yourself. Unlike more confusing and expensive platforms like Social Solutions' ETO or databases that require a lot of consulting, training, and custom development like Salesforce, FMYI feels friendly and is ready to go right away. Import in your data, set up visual trackers for your team, and upload template Excel reports and you're off and running!


Track your cases

  • Create dashboard trackers to manage cases for you or your team.
  • Visual design makes it easy to see who you're working with and their progress.
  • Reduce gap in service by being able to see at a glance items that need to be taken care of immediately.
  • Staff love our trackers because it gets you in and out quickly to save more time for working on your caseload.

Data evaluation hub

  • Set up forms for each program to gather data on an ongoing basis.
  • Store demographic information related to clients and people you serve.
  • Unlimited historical documentation of conversations and files. Security controls ensure the right people have access when needed.
  • Update these fields at any time with site administrator access without being required to pay for separate consulting or custom development.
  • Infinitely scalable as you serve more people in your community while working seamlessly across browsers, devices, and wherever your people are making an impact.

Custom reporting

  • Upload existing spreadsheet templates like how AmeriCorps and Oregon Volunteers are doing on FMYI or create your own new report templates anytime you want using widely used Excel formulas. 
  • Program data populates real time one click Excel reports that can also be sent out over email at regular intervals. 
  • Generate reports for management, funders, and any stakeholder you may have. 
  • Stop the manual workarounds and reliance on not relevant canned reports from other systems.


In 2016, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation's College Success Division transitioned to using FMYI to help manage the college process program for four high schools, a community-based college office, and a college persistence team who supports all of CHLDC’s high school alumni…

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