Tracking the college process

Enroll NYC™ is a web-based, visual database platform powered by FMYI technology and developed by College Access: Research & Action (CARA), tailored specifically for tracking New York City applications (CUNY, SUNY) and enrollment tasks. Enroll NYC™ has been used by over 100 NYC high schools to help support students from college application through college enrollment. We've also partnered with the NYC Department of Education to offer this template across the city. Even if you're not in NYC, we can also help configure a visual database for your college readiness, career readiness, or any other program you may have.


College coaches

  • Set weekly and monthly goals for students.

  • Easily identify students that need follow-up.

  • Easily check and update information quickly throughout the day, including CUNY and SUNY application information, etc.

  • Remove the need for tracking separate spreadsheets for each step in the college process.

  • Save time, especially for those managing large caseloads of students.



  • Easily run reports for up-to-date information on each student’s progress.

  • Easily tailor the platform to their school’s specific needs.

  • Help college counselors make sure that each student completes all of the steps in the college process and doesn’t fall through the cracks.


Enroll NYC™ - Key features

  • Tailored to tracking NYC-specific application and enrollment tasks which Naviance doesn't do.

  • A time saver for College Counselors and Administrators who are managing large caseloads of students.

  • Helps College Counselors set weekly and monthly goals for students and easily identify who to follow-up with.

  • Replaces the need for tracking separate spreadsheets for each step in the college process.

  • Supports advanced privacy controls and is ready to go out-of-the-box while being very customizable.

  • Has an easy-to-use, visual interface to quickly check and update information throughout the day.

  • Has an active product roadmap – new features and improvements are released each month.

Case Study: CARA and Enroll

College Access and Transition has worked in over 80 public high schools in NYC since 2011 with the goal of ensuring that first-generation-college students, low-income students, and students of color have the knowledge and support necessary to enroll in and graduate from college. Beginning in 2015, FMYI worked with CARA's College Bridge program to develop Enroll NYC™…

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In 2016, CHLDC’s College Success Division transitioned to using Enroll NYC™ to help manage the college process for four high schools, a community-based college office, and a college persistence team who supports all of CHLDC’s high school alumni…

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