“Greatly benefits our grantees.”

Managing the prolific amount of financial and programmatic information that is required to administer federal and state grants has been a daunting challenge for our small commission with just a few full-time staff.  

FMYI has given us a solution that has not only saved countless hours sorting through emails and tracking spreadsheets but also promotes transparency and collaborative learning that greatly benefits our grantees. We are so thankful for FMYI!


“Work smarter.”

FMYI has definitely made the way we work smarter. By the time we get to a meeting, a discussion has already taken place so we are ready to make decisions. It makes meetings far slicker and quicker. During the research phase we also checked out Yammer and other collaboration options, but they just weren’t as flexible or productive. FMYI has more room for us to grow.”

England's National Health Service

It’s about getting the work done beautifully. And by beautiful I mean the services that make it elegant for people to use. We can get that with services that we love to use in our home. Work needs to be the same way.



the collaborative edge we’ve been craving.

We work with some of the biggest names in Australia both from a speaker perspective as well as a client perspective, so using FMYI enables everyone on the Saxton team to effortlessly share information so we’re not doubling up on work and can crowdsource ideas. Because of that, fmyi has also become a resource library for us. We can now refer back to conversations and ideas shared previously and apply them to new situations or proposals we’re working on. Switching from normal email to using FMYI is giving Saxton the collaborative edge we’ve been craving.

Saxton Speakers Bureau


FMYI changed my life.

FMYI changed my life. It keeps the entire team, wherever they are, on the same page. It’s saved so much time not having to search for emails to get a status on applicants, not having to track someone down for a conversation about what’s going on with this or that contestant. And when you leave and come back, you remember exactly when you left off. Especially when you are meeting 500 to 1,000 people for every show.

Kinetic Content


“We just love it”

When I began the work with Habersham Humane Society I asked that they use the fmyi software to help build a strong supportive team using collaboration and interaction that would create an environment for these workhorses that would be much more efficient and help build the platforms for their ideas to manifest into great projects with ease of access to information without the ritual of digging through buried data. While our work is about animals, managing people is key to the outcome of our impact. Time is important to all us and helping our organization by getting the most of their time and energy is what I needed. FMYI — we just love it!

— Habersham Humane Society


“More effective and efficient.”

Vision Share is a member organization and FMYI allows us to communicate with our members in real time to share information. We’re able to track the progress of our work with our clients and share that progress with our members. FMYI has assisted us with training and webinars for our employees and members. This has allowed our organization to be more effective and efficient.

— Vision Share

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