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• TechCrunch article: “FMYI Converts To Twitter Bootstrap To Simplify Social Network Development”

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• FMYI brand video: “A New Day”


FMYI news (2009-Present)

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FMYI news archive (2004-2008)

December 2008

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• Congrats to Katrina Yuen, FMYI’s Director of HR, on becoming the newest board member of Green Empowerment!
• FMYI President Justin Yuen presented at the Internet Marketing Conference at Portland State University on December 8

November 2008

• FMYI President Justin Yuen will be speaking at the Green Enterprise Unconference in the heart of Silicon Valley on December 3 (members of the FMYI community get a discount – sign into your account for more details. To view an interview with him at the conference, click here.
• FMYI releases a powerful new calendar which allows you to see all your tasks and events in one convenient place. Here’s an overview:

Adding a task or event
You can do this on a workspace, profile, or team page by clicking on “Add task” or “Add event” on the right hand side. Or, you can use the buttons that appear in the upper right of the “Calendar” page which will add a task or event that goes into your profile page.

“All” tab
This shows you all the tasks and events you have.

“Events” tab
This shows only the events of which you’re an attendee.

“Tasks” tab
This shows only the tasks which you’re assigned to.

“Tasks: no due date” tab
This shows only the tasks without a due date that you’re assigned to, like a to-do item.

“Tasks: overdue” tab
This shows only overdue tasks that you have.

“Tasks: completed” tab

This shows only the tasks you’ve completed.

Other options for filtering what you see
There’s a drop down menu to the right of the tabs to show tasks and events for other people on your site. Also, you can choose a calendar or list view depending on your preference. And you can easily change from a day/week/month view, or jump to today using the links to the right of the calendar/list drop down menu. Note that you can drag and drop to reorder tasks with no due dates.
• FMYI releases a powerful new way to “raise the bar” with managing the posts on your site – it’s called the “Activity manager.“ Here’s a rundown of its functionality:

Sort by type of content
You can easily filter the list to show only messages, files, links, tasks, and events.

Sort by your relationship to the content
Use the drop down to the right of the tabs to see everything posted that you have permission to see, the pages that you’re a member of and subscriber to, only the pages you’re a member of, only the pages you’re a subscriber to, or the ones you’ve flagged (see below for more information about flagging posts).

Sort by time
The other drop down menu below the tabs allows you to filter the list by time, such as the last time you signed in, today, or above your bar (see below for more information about the bar).

The dot on the right hand side enables you to flag posts for you to follow up on later. To see all flagged items, use the drop down menu on the right hand side at the top of the page.

Add task
You can easily turn any post you see into a task but clicking on “Add task.“ The task will go into the page that the post came from.

Raising the bar
Notice the grey bars running across this page? Click on one to see what happens. You can use this to set the place where you are caught up to when reading the list of posts in the “Activity manager.“ That way you know where to return the next time you come back to the “Activity manager” to read the latest activity. To see all the items above your bar, select “Posted above my bar” from the drop down menu that appears below the “All / Messages / Files / Links / Tasks / Events” tabs.

October 2008

Hyatt joins Sony, Aflac, HBO, Fox, and thousands of others as an FMYI client.
Zipcar and FMYI have formed a partnership. Zipcar members get a discount on FMYI, while members of the FMYI community get a Zipcar discount. Sign into your FMYI account to get details.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen participated on an AeA (Advancing the Business of Technology) panel about “Going Green: Why it matters to HR” at the Oregon Zoo.

September 2008

• We’re proud to announce HBO is FMYI’s newest client.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen is moderating a panel at the GoGreen ‘08 conference. A video of the discussion is below.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen is moderating a panel at the Second Annual International Conference on Business & Sustainability.
• FMYI is featured on

August 2008

• Our “Powered by human energy” newsletter is here. It’s about topics we’re passionate about: collaboration, sustainability, innovation, technology, and FMYI. We’ll include news, tips, coupons, and more. Subscribe now.
• Enhancement rolled out: Add new (Enjoy an easier way to add content. On any workspace, profile, and team page, you’ll be able to add a message, file, link, and task without being sent to another page. And, you have the option of moving the “Description” box for the page to the left hand column).
• Enhancement rolled out: Linked workspaces (Internal links are now added by clicking on “Add/edit” to the right of “Linked workspaces” on the left hand side of workspaces.)
• Enhancement rolled out: Latest activity (You can see the latest activity – messages, files, links, tasks, updated profiles, status updates, and more – on the “Home” page of your site and for any workspace, profile, and team page by clicking on “Latest activity” in the upper right of those pages. This gives you a better feel for how the site is being used. And you’ll be able to see when was the last time all of your sites have had activity on this “My FMYI account” page.)
• Enhancement rolled out: Left hand column (We’ve added a header that says “Workspaces” and renamed the button to “Add a new page” to make things clearer. Also check out the “Add” buttons next to the workspace types in the left hand column of your FMYI plus, pro, or pro direct site. This saves time when you want to add a new page for a workspace type.)
• Enhancement rolled out: Site administrators (It’s easier to invite people into your site now. We’ve added an “Invite” link at the top of the page just to the left of your “Admin” link.)

July 2008

• If you absolutely need to print from your site, you’ll be happy to know that what you’ll get are simple pages that save ink. We’ve removed all the navigational elements of your site so what you see on paper is just the info you need to take with you. And it’ll fit on a minimal number of pages, which will save you a piece of paper or two each time you print.
• Task planner, the optimal solution to managing your daily work, is here to help you. On your home page under the search bar, you will now see the new “Task planner” link to the right of “My tasks.“ Clicking this will organize all your tasks so you can see what is coming up today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, or what’s overdue. You can also see other people’s upcoming tasks (if you have permission) by selecting their name in the drop down menu to the right of “Overdue.“ And for each task you’ll also the latest message and any contact info related to the task.
• New features added in the latest release of FMYI (5.2.0) include new FMYI versions, status updates like what’s found on social networking sites, and sustainable commuting tracking.
• Sustainable Industries magazine features a column entitled “Can sustainability leverage social media?” by FMYI President Justin Yuen.

June 2008

• Another first in the industry – FMYI is the only collaboration system that purchases renewable energy credits for its users. As people use FMYI each day, FMYI’s partner CO2Stats measures the approximate energy it takes to power our servers and your computer. At the end of each month, renewable energy certificates (solar and wind) are purchased to offset the non-renewable portion of energy used by FMYI’s servers and users’ computers. To see real time results, go to the bottom left of any page in FMYI and click on the “Green Powered Website” graphic.

May 2008

• Congrats to Eric Rath, FMYI Director of Technology, on becoming the newest board member of the Friends of the Multnomah County Library!
• FMYI President Justin Yuen presented to the City of Eugene’s Sustainability Commission on the topic of sustainability in Portland and about the Multnomah County/Portland Sustainable Development Commission.

April 2008

FMYI launches its revolutionary new version, FMYI. 5.0. It represents a major leap forward in usability for online collaboration, and includes many new feature enhancements.  Here’s some of the enhancements you’ll enjoy:

Structural changes empower your team
• The top navigation bar is for “building human energy” (your profile, all profiles, and teams)
• The left navigation bar is for “taking action and getting work done” (workspaces)
New features help you achieve goals
• Friendlier look and feel
• Search by user to easily separate out their work
• Saved searches to keep the most important information at your fingertips
• View an image or Quicktime movie while it downloads in your site (streaming video)
• Easier access to buttons which add content
• Additional team pages to increase level of communication
• Get people on the same page with site-wide announcements
• Site mission shown on every page to clearly communicate the purpose of your site
• Introducing workspaces – this is the new term to describe resources, contacts, and projects
• Can rename resources, contacts, and projects – plus add more workspace types
Interface enhancements save time
• Set up members from the “Add new workspace” screen
• Create a new workspace from any page
• See which people will receive email alerts when adding a message, file, link, or task
• “All” tab view for workspaces and profiles shows you everything in the order it was posted
• Contact FMYI support using a message box in the “Support” section or on the “Admin” tab
• Big file type icons make it easy to scan files and download them
• Private information looks different (the word “Private” appears in the header)
Improved tasks keep everyone on top of their game
• See a list of all of your tasks
• See the tasks of other team members (if you have access)
• Include a task description to store all the related to do items with a task
• Receive an email alert when a task is completed by someone else
Added bonuses make the site easier to use
• See the true last modified date of workspaces in search results
• Grey columns to break up the text and make it easier to digest information
• In one place, control where your email alerts go for each of your sites
• Prominent “Add new” buttons that make it clear where to do things on the site
• One easy navigation area for messages, files, links, and tasks in a workspace
• Images of workspace members shown to increase sense of community
• Easier to view all the users on your site since they’re not mixed in with “Contacts”
• “External” users renamed “Restricted”
• “Public” renamed “read + write” and “protected” renamed “read only”
• Site administrators can see a preview of a color theme before saving the selection
• Rollover tabs and buttons

February 2008

• FMYI President Justin Yuen gave a lecture at the Oregon State University School of Business on the topic of “Management Innovation: Collaboration and Sustainability.“ Justin also presented at the Invention to Venture conference at the University of Portland on the topic of “Starting a Natural Step Company.“
• FMYI received a mention in a profile of Justin and his family in the March 2008 issue of Sunset magazine.

FMYI news 2007

July 2007

• FMYI recently donated money to the Aflac Cancer Center, one of the charities supported by FMYI Community Affairs. VP of Marketing Seth Tayler was on hand to deliver the check on Monday, July 17 in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

June 2007

• FMYI was featured as the “Website of the Day” in Cynopsis Media newsletter, an important source of information for 50,000 people in the media industry. For more information about how FMYI can help with TV, visit our overview.
• FMYI appeared in the Producers Guild of America newsletter as an example of a great way to manage productions. For more information about how FMYI can help with TV, visit our overview.
• FMYI is proud to offer a major discount on an annual subscription to the Sustainable Industries Journal, the independent source for green business leaders. This FMYI user benefit is part of FMYI’s ongoing sustainability commitment to provide ways for clients to get engaged with sustainability. Create an FMYI site or sign into your existing account to take advantage of this offer.

May 2007

• FMYI is featured in the latest edition of The Media in Your Life: An Introduction to Mass Communication textbook. The authors featured FMYI as an example of how companies are empowering their employees to communicate internally. With a strong emphasis on media convergence throughout, this book helps readers develop a system-wide view of the interacting social, historical, economic, and technological forces at work in today’s rapidly evolving mass media.
• FMYI helped organize and sponsored the first “Sustainable happy hour” held in Portland, Oregon. Over 60 people came out to network and talk about sustainability and innovation. To get invited to the next event, please email us .

April 2007

• FMYI President Justin Yuen was named Chair of the City of Portland/Multnomah County Sustainability Development Commission.

March 2007

• FMYI’s community affairs program is supporting Corvallis High School’s Robotics Team (winners of the Pacific Northwest FIRST Robotics competition) achieve its dreams by giving them a grant to help offset the costs associated with their trip to FIRST Robotics Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. FIRST was founded by Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway.

February 2007

• In keeping with our corporate responsibility commitment, FMYI has been recognized by the City of Portland as a BlueWorks Business for going beyond recycling.

January 2007

• FMYI announces the release of FMYI free. Now, anyone can enjoy all the benefits of FMYI without any fees. Forever.

FMYI 2006 news

September 2006

• FMYI joins a who’s who of Oregon companies as a Founding Member of the Oregon Natural Step Network.
• FMYI is featured in the Daily Journal of Commerce’s special section on sustainability.

August 2006

• Don’t despair about the upcoming end of summer -FMYI interact 3.6 has some new features to make the transition easier. Autumn brings two things to mind: changing colors and time. And now you can do both on your FMYI site. As the site administrator, you can now change the color of your site. Also, choose your local time zone, view the last modified day/time in search results, and the creation/modification date when viewing a Resource/Contact/Project. Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.

July 2006

• Our latest release, FMYI interact 3.5, features a powerful search engine for your organization’s information. Now you can search into most text-based documents (.pdf, .doc, .txt, .rtf, etc), get ranked search results based on relevancy, and perform advanced wildcard searches (for example, “test*“ or “te*t”). Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.

May 2006

• Thanks to 3.4.0, the latest release of FMYI interact, you can now add a logo to your site, images to Resource/Contact/Project listings, and a headshot of yourself that appears next to your message when discussions take place on the site. Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.

April 2006

• We’re pleased to announce that the latest organization to experience the human energy revolution is Sony, joining other corporations such as Disney, and Martha Stewart Living in using FMYI interact.

March 2006

• Our mission is to give you an intuitive system to organize and share information within your organization. We’re pleased to announce the release of FMYI interact 3.3.3, featuring a dynamic new interface we think you’re going to love. Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.

February 2006

• FMYI announces the release of FMYI interact 3.2.2, the latest feature update to our flagship collaboration system. Improvements include: forwarding capability for messages and files, forwarding receipts, and time tracking. Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.

January 2006

• FMYI announces the release of FMYI interact 3.2.0, the latest feature update to our flagship collaboration system. Improvements include: privacy options, external/guest users, cross-linking, team members, more email alert controls, home page enhancements, custom main page titles, and more. Contact us to get your 30-day free trial.


FMYI 2005 news

December 2005

• FMYI announces the release of FMYI interact 3.1.5, the latest feature update to our flagship collaboration system. Improvements include: email alerts, flexible custom fields, total quantity reporting, visually friendly label editing, enhanced address tracking, additional administrator control, and more. Contact us to view a demo for yourself!

October 2005

Portland Business Journal article: FMYI President Justin Yuen’s appointment to the Sustainable Development Commission has been confirmed by the County Board of Commissioners

September 2005

• FMYI President Justin Yuen has been selected for a position on the Multnomah County Sustainable Development Commission. Reporting directly to Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners, the SDC promotes programs and policies in three main areas related to sustainable development: helping the City and County identify specific resource conservation goals and environmental practices within government to reduce costs and support sustainability; creating and maintaining a Sustainable Community Report Card to inform residents and businesses about community progress related to a specific set of sustainability indicators; and developing strategies to enhance sustainable economic development by increasing Portland’s visibility as an international center for green business development and professional training on sustainability.

August 2005

• FMYI Jobs: we currently have openings for Web Developers experienced with coding in XHTML Strict.

July 2005

• FMYI interact 3 is available now for your organization. The latest version of our online collaboration system has a clean interface and useful new features. The three main areas of this intuitive website tool are Resources (dynamic library of documents, blogs, news, and more), Contacts (place for the organization to store profiles on internal and external people), and Groups (team workspace for discussions, projects, and data collection). FMYI interact3 is ideal for managing corporate responsibility programs and sustainability networking communities. You can use the platform to share best practices, track stakeholder interaction, and build the business case by measuring the results. Contact us to learn more about how your organization can be “Powered by human energy” with FMYI interact3.
faculty features FMYI on their website. This e-learning firm has worked with more than 125 institutions worldwide.

June 2005

• An equipment division of a Fortune 500 company joins the FMYI client roster and will use FMYI interact3 to power their epin2 platform.

May 2005

• FMYI moves its offices and joins the Activspace community.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen has been invited to participate in Portland, Oregon Mayor Tom Potter’s upcoming Business Summit on June 24 and be a part of ongoing dialogue with the Mayor’s office. The event will address a range of issues affecting the City’s economic climate and provide an opportunity for stakeholders to meet directly with City bureau directors. Future dialogues will include such topics as the regional economy and global competitiveness.

April 2005

• FMYI President Justin Yuen presented at the Sustainable Business Symposium on “Managing Organizational Change.

March 2005

Building Blocks International joins the roster of FMYI clients. This innovative organization runs corporate leadership training with a twist – people work in developing nations for nonprofits. BBI has garnered publicity in Business Week, Fast Company, and CNN for their “Corporate Peace Corps” programs.

February 2005

• One of the world’s largest corporate responsibility divisions signs on to be the first organization to use the innovative new FMYI interact3 system. More details coming soon regarding this breakthrough collaboration tool for sharing knowledge, tracking contacts/stakeholders, and managing projects.
• Internet Professionals Northwest’s latest event is “From Blogs to Wikis: Communities and collaboration on the web” which happens on February 8. FMYI President Justin Yuen is part of the evening’s lineup, presenting on “Creating Organizational Change.“

January 2005

• On January 28, FMYI President Justin Yuen led the “Building the Business Case for Sustainability” seminar for the University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Academy. Justin invited PricewaterhouseCoopers Senior Consultant Michael Sadowski to join him. Based in New York City, Michael helped by contributing his finance expertise and business building experience.
• FMYI is hiring – we’re looking for Java developers to join our team.


FMYI 2004 news

December 2004

• FMYI President Justin Yuen will teach a University of Oregon Sustainability Leadership Academy seminar on“Building the Business Case for Sustainability” This one day seminar focuses on the principles and practices of linking sustainability with the mission, values, and financial goals of a business. Register today for this January 28, 2005 workshop.

November 2004

• FMYI is mentioned in the November 2004 edition of the Sustainable Industries Journal (“Newbie conference tackles big issues,“ page 6): Justin Yuen showcased his recently launched venture, For My Innovation (FMYI), by allowing attendees who visited his booth to log on to a web-based tool to share resources and ideas stemming from the conference.

September 2004

Net Impact National Conference, New York City – FMYI President Justin Yuen selected to moderate a panel discussion entitled, “Technology Enterprises: Innovation in Sustainability” on Friday, November 12th. Also on the panel: Andrea Fernandez (Business Analyst, ARUP), Marlowe Greenberg (CEO, Foothold Technology), and Tim Mohin (Director of Sustainable Development, Intel).
• FMYI President Justin Yuen selected to speak at the Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum’s October PubTalk event.

August 2004

• FMYI is expanding its technology staff; currently interviewing experienced Java programmers (if interested, please send a cover letter and resume to our HR department).
• FMYI President Justin Yuen speaking on Management Innovation in Seattle on September 29.
• More details on the Singapore event where FMYI President Justin Yuen is presenting in early 2005.
• FMYI supports the Fall 2004 Implementing Sustainability program as member of Advisory Board.
FMYI gear debuts – show off your Human Energy with an organic cotton t-shirt!

July 2004

• FMYI interact 2.0 launched – contact us for a demo
• New homepage design
• New FMYI interact brochure

June 2004

Portland State University’s International Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability Education Program invites FMYI President Justin Yuen to speak at their next workshop in Singapore.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen to lead a January 2005 seminar for the University of Oregon’s Sustainability Leadership Academy.

May 2004

• The Sustainable Industries Journal includes a story on FMYI in their May 2004 issue entitled, “Web tool created to help Yuen, yours.“
• FMYI becomes a registered Organisational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative, an international multi-stakeholder process and independent institution based in the Netherlands working in conjunction with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Global Compact.

April 2004

• FMYI President Justin Yuen presents at Globe 2004, the 8th Biennial Trade Fair & Conference on the Business & the Environment (attended by 10,000 people including the Prime Minister of Canada, senior business executives, and government officials from 75 nations).
• Kevin Sweeney joins the FMYI Advisory Board.
• FMYI President Justin Yuen named to Steering Committee of the Education for Sustainability Western Network.
• FMYI becomes a Sustainable Future Partner of the Profitable Sustainability: The Future of Business conference.

March 2004

• FMYI exhibits at the Social Enterprise Alliance Gathering.

February 2004

• One of the world’s largest corporate responsibility divisions runs an FMYI interact innovation intranet for managing sustainability network communications and projects.