working while traveling

Where do you work when you get the chance to get out of your office and #workanywhere? I appreciate any chance to get out of the traditional office environment and set up shop wherever I am or seek out a place I would like to be. So whether you are working while traveling or traveling while working, we want to see the fun places you are setting up shop! Enter: #workanywhere

Here’s what you need to do when working while traveling.

  • • Be sure to follow @fmyi on Instagram and be visually inspired by all the places you can work while traveling.
  • • Share with us your #workanywhere environment and post it up on Instagram with #workanywhere, @fmyi, and tag your location.
  • • In your description, be sure to let us know who you are, your workplace organization and any other fun details about what is allowing you to #workanywhere.
  • • Share it on Twitter (we’ll spread the love).


More to consider.

  • • Compile every other week or so the awesome and inspiring photos that meet the above criteria.
  • • Share the photos and give shout outs to the companies who are going beyond their boundaries and getting their employees out and about without compromising productivity.
  • • Challenge you to get out from behind that desk.


Here’s why we are doing it.

  • • We want to inspire and empower a new way of working! It’s a a new day so get out there, be mobile, and explore your surroundings. So, continue to work outside the box and share photos.
  • • Change of place ignites creativity and harnesses productivity in a way your desk, chair and desktop probably can’t give you.
  • • Who doesn’t want to have a little fun and look at pretty things?


Check out this week’s compilation of photos from the FMYI team!

working while travelingWorking on 3G or Wifi

traveling while working

traveling while working


We will see you back here in a couple weeks.

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