Why you need to kick your spreadsheet to the curb

So you’re tracking your day to day operations by using a spreadsheet. But you have the nagging feeling there’s a better way that’ll save you time and take things to the next level with achieving goals. We’ve got your back. Here’s the top ten reasons how moving from a spreadsheet to a system will help improve your tracking:

1. Retain information over time

  • Spreadsheet: When tracking notes over time, you either overwrite history or make the spreadsheet wide and unmanageable to capture the details. 
  • System: Keep a history of all interactions, easily scaling as you add information over time, and still be able to generate a spreadsheet on demand.

2. Provide accountability

  • Spreadsheet: Once details are added, you don’t know who did what and when.
  • System: Create great documentation with time and date stamped notes show who did what.

3. Send communication

  • Spreadsheet: No emails are sent from a spreadsheet and the only way to communicate is send the whole document.
  • System: Alert the right people instantly and to take action as needed for specific items.

4. Control access

  • Spreadsheet: Everyone can see everything in a spreadsheet and it’s critical for each person to update the most recent version. 
  • System: Control who sees what, automatically assigned during import of accounts and updated individually or in bulk.

5. Keep data safe

  • Spreadsheet: The sort function can also destroy the data, which can be impossible to repair. The file can also become corrupt or lost.
  • System: Only select people can change the structure of the site and safeguards protect and prevent deletion of data.

6. Include all data types

  • Spreadsheet: Only simple data containing words and numbers are stored, requiring a separate task calendar, file sharing site, etc. 
  • System: Organize all notes, data, files, tasks and appointments for each record in one online place

7. Transfer easily

  • Spreadsheet: The limited amount of information in a spreadsheet makes is hard to hand off a record from one person to another.
  • System: A details trail in a system make transferring a simple, seamless process.

8. Set reminders

  • Spreadsheet: Spreadsheets won’t remind people to take actions, nor push appointments to a calendar. 
  • System: Set one time or repeating tasks to follow-up, and have appointments appear in Google, iPhone or Outlook calendars.

9. Create deliverables

  • Spreadsheet: The spreadsheet is your only asset.  
  • System: You can see on-screen dynamic reporting or create spreadsheets for different purposes, from high level to detailed results.

10. Scale your tracking

  • Spreadsheet: Built for data analysis and calculations at a specific time, managed by very few people.
  • System: Designed for managing initiatives with many people with powerful searching and generate various spreadsheets as needed.

Kick your spreadsheet to the curb and get an FMYI demo system created based on your existing spreadsheet!