What Does FMYI Help You Do?

Hello FMYI fans -

My name is Lauren, and I’m FMYI’s new product marketing associate. One of my first assignments was to launch a user survey contest to gain insights to inform our upcoming Fall Redesign; and in the end, to better understand how FMYI helps organizations achieve success.

Thank you to all who participated. For those of you who opted-into the contest, we randomly selected three winners, who happen to be located across the US, from Harrisburg, PA, to Albuquerque, NM, to our own back yard - Portland, OR!

One of our most interesting insights came from the following question: What Does FMYI Help You Do?


We are quite excited for our upcoming Fall Redesign and will be keeping these responses in mind as we work through our feature roadmap. 

Thanks again to all for sharing your feedback on FMYI! Your information was invaluable, and we appreciate you telling us how FMYI makes your job more efficient.

Should you like a sneak peek at our new features or even test drive them on your current site, please contact me (lauren@fmyi.com) to schedule your one-on-one demo! 

- Lauren & The FMYI Team