FMYI 2013We announced a new collaboration software version today with over 250 interface upgrades as “A Faster Fast” way for teams to collaborate. And on the technology side, we’re one of the first enterprise collaboration companies to leverage the Twitter Bootstrap design framework as covered in the TechCrunch article today about us. But did you know today is also FMYI’s 9th anniversary? With all the excitement buzzing around here, I haven’t had a chance to reflect too much on our journey since starting FMYI in a Portland coffeeshop in 2004. But let’s take a quick moment and dive into the human energy behind FMYI:

Our start

I saw the enormous potential of a collaboration platform with an easy to use social networking interface, combined with workflow tools for managing projects, tracking contacts, and sharing resources, topped off with free support and a commitment to corporate responsibility. Nothing existed like that, so I started FMYI with $10,000 my grandmother left me when she passed away. In some ways, the company is a tribute to her and the values she taught me. I was also fortunate to have been supported by my wife while I pursued my dreams. Much to be thankful for when it comes to family.

Our clients

From our passionate change agent clients from small teams around the globe, to thousands of insurance sales reps in a nationwide network, TV shows millions enjoy each night, one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, a national health care system, and one of the most innovative foundations around, we owe our growth and evolution of our platform to our amazing community of clients. We’ve worked closely with them on our product roadmap, and we’re humbled by their support. FMYI now hosts over one million workspaces with the goal being building technology that addresses real world needs when it comes to teams getting things done. It’s all about trying to maximize the human energy in everyone’s collaborative efforts.

Our team

When we began planning Version 7.0 over a year ago, we honed in on usability enhancements as the number one goal so people could achieve “A Faster Fast.” And we wanted to take getting work done beautifully to the next level (as Alex Williams wrote about us in TechCrunch), three years after generating press coverage for the last version’s interface design. A usability expert conducted a research study, we went over client feedback, studied where web and technology trends are headed, and our designer recommended Twitter Bootstrap as a technology framework we could leverage. It all came together and was possible because of the hard work of our team including folks delaying vacation time and working on the weekend to get it done. Thank you Chris, Eric, Evan, Joy, Katrina, Kristen, Michael, Nong, Sarah, Seth, and Scott. We’ve gotten to this point of hosting over a million workspaces thanks to our team. Celebrating our 9th anniversary as a social collaboration pioneer is also quite a milestone. I can’t wait to see what we all do next together!

Onward and upward,