Terri Todd, President of Habersham Humane Society

“I am often asked how much I get paid for the work I do with our local non-profit humane society. We are all volunteer organization. I do receive the opportunity to work with professionals dedicated to helping animals and educating our community who inspire me on a daily basis.

When I began the work with Habersham Humane Society I asked that they use the FMYI software to help build a strong supportive team using collaboration and interaction that would create an environment for these workhorses that would be much more efficient and help build the platforms for their ideas to manifest into great projects with ease of access to information without the ritual of digging through buried data. Bits and pieces of emails or files that had been stored somewhere for safe keeping later. Grant work for non-profits is very data driven and all that hard data needs to be reserved for future use.

FMYI builds those data storage areas with ease and offers those working with you to fast access at any moment. The ability to create within the software work projects and sharing information to others or separating teams by project for any business style is an outstanding part of the FMYI software.

While our work is about animals, managing people is key to the outcome of our impact. Time is important to all us and helping our organization by getting the most of their time and energy is what I needed. We just love FMYI!”