Top 3 Reads

Empower your team to become stronger and more successful by learning what makes teamwork work.  This week we chose articles full of tips on building a company culture that leads to success.  Read our top three articles to see how and why to change your company’s culture to one that encourages teamwork through open collaboration.

Getting to Better Ideas Through Collaboration

Matt Saunby

Not only does collaboration allow your team to share ideas and give feedback, but it enables ideas to build off each other to create better solutions. Learn more benefits of creating an open collaboration environment at your company.  

The Secrets to Successful Teamwork: Trust and Accountability

Rhonda Savage  

Does everyone on your team trust and respect each other?  Is your company’s environment set up for great teamwork?  Review these tips to help build trusting relationships with co-workers and to achieve team and company goals. 

10 Tips for Better Teamwork

Susan M. Heathfield

Why do some teams work well together and others not? Company culture and employee expectations have a huge impact on a team’s success.  Explore these 10 tips to better understand how you can impact employee effectiveness and team participation.

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