Nonprofit program management

Did you know there’s a growing number of nonprofits leveraging the FMYI visual database platform for program management and data reporting? Airway Science for Kids says this about using FMYI:

“The benefits have been tremendous, and we’ve communicated the business case for it to our board. We have been able to ‘do more with less,’ meaning that because we have a limited (small) staff that is highly mobile, we are able to provide timely information and documents without necessarily having to have a staff person housed at a physical location to collect or distribute information…Our Nonprofit OS serves as a communication tool to keep all of us connected, regardless of where they are and what their role in the organization is.”

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Searching for the “Nonprofit Operating System”

Jackie Murphy, Executive Director of Airway Sciences for Kids, had her blog post published today by the Nonprofit Technology Network about their search for the best Nonprofit OS. What did they choose? FMYI! Get the details >