College readiness

It’s back to school time for many, and we’re excited to play a role in helping college counselors and mentors/coaches make an impact with students. Check out our college readiness goal tracking database template developed in partnership with College Access: Research & Action that’s in 80+ schools in the New York City Department of Education:


Hour of Code

Having fun being a part of @codeorg’s national “Hour of Code” initiative. Helping to give the next generation an opportunity to learn computer science. Check out the site to learn more and get your community involved!


FMYI for education

Did you know about how the education sector is using FMYI? From Michele Snyder, Science Curriculum and Instruction Advisor at the Arkansas Department of Education:

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to use FMYI to conduct a successful collaboration with Arkansas science teachers to create the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards for Grades K-8. The platform you provided allowed for the teachers to work in small teams to review drafts of the standards. This was a confidential place that allowed them to read, study the 4 versions, and make comments on changes for improvements. It also kept the control of the content to me which is important when working with 35 different individuals. This digital collaboration also allowed the teachers to stay in their classrooms. Thank you again and I look forward to continue working with you on FMYI.”