User Insights on Geo-Location and Language

Over the last seven weeks, our User Survey respondents have given us an honest overview of their FMYI likes, needs, and usage habits. We’ve revealed many insights and continue to gain a holistic view of our product from their perspectives. This week, we share geo-location data and additional feedback on how users, in their own words, describe FMYI.

Insight #1 – 94% of our users sign in to FMYI from within the U.S.


Consistent with our marketing reach and word-of-mouth referrals, 94% of FMYI users sign in from the U.S. The UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and many others comprise the remaining 6%. 

Insight #2 – Over 46% of our U.S. traffic is generated from the coastal states


The graph illustrates the Top 10 states where FMYI users sign in, led by California, Florida and New York. As expected, Oregon also ranks in the top 10 (FMYI’s headquarters are in Portland, OR). The “Other” category includes D.C and the remaining 40 states, including Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and even Alaska.

Insight #3 – In their own words, how do users describe FMYI?

To help refine our product taxonomy, our product team continues to gather feedback on how users describe FMYI, in their own words. Consistently, we hear hybrid comparisons to both Facebook and a database-driven platform, such as FileMaker or Salesforce. Taking this further, here are additional phrases our users shared with us:

  • A team building communication platform with information sharing, and easy access storage for all work and ideas.
  • One stop shop for organization.
  • Sort of like Facebook but for clients and projects, where you can update statuses, post images and files, and also assign tasks.
  • We use it to consolidate communication of action items across the company.
  • A team building device to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • A system to organize and update staff on various projects and activities.
  • One place to keep all my data on clients
  • Helps us keep up to date on deliverables as a team and are able to see who’s completed what from you colleagues should you need help completing the same task.
  • Facebook for work space, easy to use and very informative and keeps things organized
  • Where we add recruit information and keep up to date with value adds and marketing.

Each week, via our user survey and analytics tools, we continue to gather a wide range of user data and feedback. These insights will directly feed into our upcoming fall redesign and, long-term, help our product team continue to prioritize our roadmap. 

If you are joining us for the first time and would like to access our previous insights, please visit our previous post, “What Does FMYI Help You Do?