Last week FMYI client Superstition Search and Rescue (named after the Superstition Mountains in Arizona) solved a three-year-old case and brought much needed closure to a family when they found the body of a missing man in the wilderness. The team is comprised of talented people with tremendous passion, and they reached out to FMYI last year to fix specific problems by implementing a great communication system.

Do you have the same team communication challenges they had?

  1. Concerns about security: information contains highly sensitive details, that are not for public consumption
  2. Duplicating efforts: Coordinators resending the same emails because people lost, deleted, or couldn’t access for some any reason
  3. Scattered work: As each person works from their own device and their own email, work is scattered about

They selected FMYI to solve their problems. Would this help you too?

  1. Control access and privacy: Provide people with secure, password-protected visibility into the specific documents and details they need and keep everything private
  2. Make information distribution efficient: Send critical updates while leaving the history organized and available
  3. Create a resource library: Searchable archive of cases, training documents and contact information for key members

“After three years, we just located the body of a missing hiker, giving the family much needed closure,” said Superstition Search and Rescue Director Robert Cooper.  “It was a coordinated effort involving many groups, and it’s the first case I loaded into FMYI for archive and communication purposes. I added the maps for searchers and posted updates, which was a tremendous time saver. Previously I would email and then be asked to resend details, but this improved communication, combining email alerts and a hub which empowers individuals to access critical details, has made a big difference. FMYI is keeping our information private, while keeping our team up-to-date – it’s key to maximizing efforts with limited resources.”

Why invest in great team communication? Because it’s the difference between preventing and propelling your success!