FMYI is all about “empowering teams to make a difference,” for both our own team and for our clients’ teams. Focus the Nation (FTN) is a national non-profit, committed to engaging millennials in creating a clean energy world, and is definitely one of our favorite teams to empower.

imageIn 2010, the Focus the Nation team (pictured left, in our favorite colored hard hats) was looking for tools their small Portland, Oregon based team could use to engage hundreds of students around the country. Such tools needed to be user-friendly and foster collaboration for both the short and long term. At the start of 2011, FTN partnered with FMYI to help redefine collaboration between Focus the Nation and their stakeholders, increasing their ability to do what they love – empower the next generation of clean energy leaders. With the help of FMYI, they were able to more than double the number of student teams they are working with, including teams at University of Hawaii at Manoa, Clemson University, Miami University, and University of Oregon (Go Ducks! Yes, FMYI is an Oregon-based company).

With FMYI, FTN staff shares curriculum with students in their leadership development program and tracks progress and response as students implement clean energy solutions in the local communities. Additionally, FMYI helps them engage their ReCharge! Retreat Delegates – 20 rising clean energy leaders selected each year to spend one week together on Mt. Hood.

“Distance education is a significant part of our programming. FMYI allows us to connect with students across the country using a highly effective yet edgy, fun and interactive platform,” said Anne Bertucio, Business & Community Relations Coordinator at Focus the Nation.

With over half the world’s population under the age of 30 and this generation constantly communicating over social media platforms, FTN realized email and other methods were not ideal to lead the younger cohorts. FMYI provides a community to students at a local and national level to share best practices, ideas and create change on their university campuses in a collaborative way. Students are able search the organization’s work by themes and keywords to find a group from another part of the country facing the same barrier, and can share ideas to generate a solution and promote partnership between communities. “With traditional email, this kind of collaboration was a rarity at Focus the Nation due to the logistical obstacles; with FMYI, cross-country collaboration is now an integral and required part of our programming,” said Anne.

“Our organization is proud to partner with a company that is dedicated to sustainability and supports our organization’s mission of creating a sustainable, clean energy economy,” said Garett Brennan, Executive Director.

Check out this great New York Times interview with Garett about Generation E.