All hands on deckWhen it comes to project management, many smaller teams know about 37signals’ Basecamp tool. They claim on their site that over eight million projects are managed on their platform (by contrast, FMYI [for my innovation] hosts over 1,000,000). While many may enjoy using their basic tool as a starter solution to having people get their feet wet with online project management, we’ve heard from many that Basecamp doesn’t work for them in the long run. Why? Here are some reasons you might be in the market for a Basecamp alternative:

• The new redesigned version of Basecamp doesn’t work for you
• No more free version with the new Basecamp (you need more time to try out a platform)
Rely upon gathering data on an ongoing basis
• Lack of social collaboration features to build a community online
• Need more flexibility with permissions controls
• Require more task management and time tracking functionality
• You would like to have contact management built in, not in a separate site
• You want to add your company logo and have some site administrator options to customize the site
• You want a mobile optimized view built in
• You want a clearer navigational flow
• You want phone support
• You want input into new features added to the platform
• You have a larger team and need more site administrator options
• More flexible search options and ability to identify “Thought Leaders” within your site
• Better team management options for larger sites
• Multiple site templates and searching across them
• Sustainability features like a commuting tracker and renewable energy offsets purchased as you use the site
• An overall corporate responsibility commitment is important to you and your workplace

This is just a start and sums up many things that people mention to us when making the switch from Basecamp to FMYI. And there are many more out there looking for a Basecamp alternative that we haven’t interacted with yet. We’ve found that the features mentioned above that are in the FMYI platform are important to many of our thousands of clients from small teams to Fortune 500 corporations (Aflac), major foundations and nonprofits (Meyer Memorial Trust), government agencies (United Kingdom’s National Health Service), and education (University of Oregon).

Are you looking for a Basecamp alternative? Based on your experience, are there other things you were looking for that Basecamp doesn’t have?