FMYI’s Top 3 Weekly Reads


Today we want to share some fascinating reads on how technology is changing agriculture in reducing land space, water consumption, and time. New advanced farming technologies allow food to grow in unpredictable climates, apps that tell farmers about soil conditions, and robots that take care of gardens for you.

1. The Future Of Farming Will Involve No Soil, 95% Less Water, And Trippy LED Lights

A video on vertical farms. Plants grown in vertical farms don’t grow with natural sunlight or soil. Will vertical farm help solve food production problems? 

2.  In India, Mobile Apps are Transforming Agriculture

By Didem Tali

An app that communicates with underground sensors to farmers on soil moisture and mineral levels. 

3.  Farmbot Genesis

Create a virtual farm on your phone, then have a robot make it for you. Read about humanity’s first open source cnc farming machine. 

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