CRM features in FMYI

Keep all of your information together.

Keep all relevant information and history about your contacts in one place.

Post messages, files, links, and schedule meetings with the contacts all on the same page so conversations never get dropped.

When you post new information, you can send out an email so that your team is alerted with what’s new. If the information isn’t critical and is just for future reference, you can opt out of sending an alert and then, the next time your team members sign into the site and access that contact’s page, all of the information is readily available and securely stored.

Check out the video on the right from the Lions Eye Institute to learn more about how FMYI has successfully impacted their operation.

Track the status of your contacts.

Customize search labels to correctly identify a process that your contacts move through. As you continue to build a relationship, simply use the drop down menu to move your contact through the process.

Each time you update a contact’s status, you will time stamp a message onto that contacts page to keep a record of when the action was taken. Take things one step further and run a report based on site data and the status of your contacts.


Don’t let your memory fail you.

Use the “remind me” feature to quickly set a task for yourself and a reminder will be sent to you on whatever day you specify.

If you want a little more detail to go into it, use the general task option for yourself, a member of your team, or a group of users on your site to complete. Set a due date and choose to have a reminder email so that nothing slips through the cracks. Once completed, just check it off and it will time and date stamp it for you. Accountability has never been easier (or fail proof).

Email clients automatically.

Keep all contact information for your contacts together in one place. You may have multiple people you work with at one office, or you deal with multiple locations but ultimately they are all under one umbrella. Add new information has you acquire it.

In addition to keeping your address book up to date, your contacts can also receive personal emails monthly or on a schedule that works for you. When they reply, the email will be sent directly to the email account you have affiliated with your FMYI account.

Import your contacts.

Import an Excel file with all of your contacts to quickly get your contacts into your FMYI site.

By importing your contacts, a page will be created for each contact to easily manage and track your interactions. When importing, you get to decide permission and access levels you would like other users in your site to have as well as how you would like to organize your contacts.

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