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The Trio of Tools to keep your projects in line

Projects and daily operations have a considerable amount of moving parts. Multiple workspaces are used to collaborate and keep track of everything, but being action oriented and get things done are what’s most important. At FMYI we’re making changes to make our platform better. Our product manager Kristen needed a way to manage all the new ideas and to find a way to keep the whole team up to date with what’s going on. This is the hierarchy she created to manage it all.

1. Workspaces – the primary data

WorkspaceIt all starts with the workspace. Does an FMYI team member have a new idea for an enhancement to our product? Make a workspace for it. That workspace is a place for the merits and progress of each item to be discussed. Messages, files, tasks, and meetings fill up the page to keep on-the-ground communication organized and orderly.

2. Search Labels – a workspace’s metadata

Idea Priority

Having workspaces is fantastic. But if you get too many in one spot, it’s hard to wade through them. Fortunately, FMYI has created search labels to provide buckets to group workspaces together at each stage of any process. For example, our enhancement ideas are prioritized to make sure we get the most beneficial new ideas into our product as quickly as possible. Is an idea just a hare-brained benefit that might be nice sometime in the future? Or is it one that a client is waiting on? Kristen is able to attach labels to each workspace to make sure nothing gets lost in the dust. Alternatively, she changes the priority search label on a workspace to make sure it accurately reflects the current priority.

3. Site Snapshot – the macro-data

Site SnapshotThe tool atop the organization chain is the Site Snapshot. Kristen can quickly view a macro level of what’s going on in each part of the product development process. Idea priorities, bug fix progress, release feature tickets, and more. Each piece has a workspace, each project has search labels, and the site Snapshot shows each project. She can sort by personal permissions or view an aggregate of all of the workspaces at once. It allows her to stay current with each project, make quick decisions with all the information at her fingertips, and drill down into relevant information with just a few clicks.

Kristen’s system

Kristen developed a system of search labels to stay on top of each project’s status and to keep track of everything. She developed sets of search labels around product Lifecycle, Deadline, Initiative, and Priorities. When a team member wants to report a new idea or issue, they create a new workspace and check off the appropriate search labels. Then, when Kristen checks the site snapshot, she’s quickly able to see new things at the top of her pipeline. She’s able to prioritize items into a milestone and creates a ticket for the development team. When she changes the workspace status of the idea or issue, the workspace’s subscribers is updated on the progress. She stays on top of each project within our product development funnel and the necessary people are kept up to date with quick notifications on what’s going on!

Do you need more workspaces to properly take advantage of our great project management capabilities? Or maybe you need that great looking site snapshot in your site. Contact us! We’ll make sure to understand your use case and get you the features you need.