Browsers & Useful Tool Insights

In this week’s blog post, we continue to share user insights from our June User Survey. Today, we’ll share browser usage metrics and more insights on our most popular tools and features. To view our previous insights, check out our posts tagged to #fmyisurveys.

Insight #1 - Most users choose Chrome to access FMYI


For this metric, we utilized Google Analytics to track browser usage on our sign in page. The chart below shows what has happened in the last 30 days: 43% of users chose Google Chrome, 22% chose IE, and 18% chose Safari to sign into FMYI. With these metrics in mind, our product and development teams can better prioritize our feature roadmap. 

Insight #2 - 79% of users say Workspace pages are the most useful feature 

We asked our survey takers, “What features or tools do you find the most useful?” The results were dramatic. Workspace pages dominated this answer. 79% of FMYI users said that Workspace pages were the most useful - which may be why FMYI is such a powerful platform. Workspaces are unique to FMYI because they allow users to track any type of data, collaborate with teams, and have a record of information.

Of the remaining poll options, nearly a quarter of our users found FMYI’s Homepage features, such as latest activity feeds and dashboard snapshots, and Advanced search capabilities most useful. The former provides helpful at-a-glance tracking details while the latter offers powerful search filters to help users segment their data. 

Another 13% of users found Reporting tools most useful. These tools include customizable, presentation-ready excel templates which save users time because it eliminates the hassle of manually formatting raw data each time one runs an export. 

Insight #3 - 78% of users say a modern interface would be nice to have, 50% say an Improved Search is a must have


50% of FMYI users feel that an improved search tool is a must have o the FMYI platform. Our search currently has robust filtering options, however, we recognize that there is room for improvement and suspect that users would greatly benefit from a more efficient user interface design, in addition to a more streamlined result set–all features which are part of our upcoming roadmap.

According to users, the highest ranking feature that would be nice to have is a more modern and visual interface. We are excited to announce that this is also one of FMYI’s top priorities for our Fall Redesign. Thanks to our users’ feedback, our product team further prioritize which features are a must have vs. which would be nice to have.

In the end, these insights give us a better sense of our users’ overall experiences, wants, and needs. Thank you again to our users for sharing their feedback with us. The FMYI team succeeds when our customers succeed, and we hope we can continue to improve our features and tools in order to make that happen. 

If you’d like to learn more about FMYI’s 2016 Redesign set to launch this Fall, or be one of the first people to try this out, sign up to be a beta tester. If you’re interested, contact me, Lauren, at