Arciform experiences more accurate project outcomes using the FMYI system


We love Arciform and Versatile Wood Products! They’re making a difference with their amazing design, restoration, remodeling, and product projects, while having a fun work culture. And they’re FMYI customers. Recently, they shared with us why they use our collaborative database tracking system:

Describe the initial challenges you were solving.

The organization was using Outlook as its contact database. It had no formal customer relationship management system and no project management support software or system. We needed a flexible, organized, web-based transparent way to track information about a large volume of prospects and projects all the way from initial phone call to completed/delivered project.

Why was FMYI the solution you chose?

The simplicity of the user interface was appealing (many of our users work with their hands and are more comfortable with a simple interface). We liked that the solution was cloud based (so folks on the jobsite/on the road could make use of it) and scalable (we’ve experienced 50% annual revenue growth in the last 2 years). We also liked how customizeable it is. Many of the other options are built based on business assumptions that don’t fit custom manufacture. 

What benefits are you now seeing from implementing FMYI?

Everyone has real time updates on the status of every project in the queue. This has led to more accurate project completion estimates, as well as more accurate project outcomes. We have also begun using it as a searchable database of comparable projects for help with ballpark estimating on future projects. But most importantly, we use the system every day to keep projects moving forward on pace by setting routine tasks and creating a feedback loop to be sure that key details don’t get dropped and project lessons can be applied system wide. 

What would you tell another custom manufacturer about why this is the ideal tool?

Provides unprecedented transparency across all the different phases of production — the sales team member can see in real time as it moves through the appropriate production phases and balls don’t get dropped because it sets and maintains accountability for successful completion of each step in the production process from development of specifications through final billing and delivery. The interface doesn’t require extensive training to begin using, which is important when you have some users who may only check/use the system a couple of times a week, but it has the depth and flexibility to manage complex projects.


FMYI VP of Marketing and Sales Seth Tayler with members of the Arciform and Versatile Wood Products team. Contact us to learn more about how to better track what’s important to you and your team!